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In Memoriam 
Dr. Katrin Kohl

Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.
It is with profound sadness that we inform you about the tragic, sudden and unexpected passing of Dr. Katrin Kohl in her sleep on Sunday May 20. All who know her radiant good health and humour are in shock.

She was a dear friend and inspiring colleague, a remarkable scientist and a pioneer in the field of global vaccine safety. She was instrumental in building up the Brighton Collaboration from its launch in 2000 to a globally recognized network of professionals harmonizing vaccine safety monitoring and research together. She co-led the Brighton Team from 2000-2004 and served on the Science Board from 2005-2010. Her strategic direction and operational productivity on all levels were pivotal to the success of the Collaboration and its contributions to public health.

Her loss is deeply felt and leaves a void for everyone blessed to have known her, especially her husband and two young children, Alexander and Clara.

Jan Bonhoeffer, on behalf of the Brighton Collaboration Foundation Board

Barbara Law, on behalf of the Brighton Collaboration Science Board

Bob Chen in memory of Katrin Kohl

Thoughtful words from the Community  
The Brighton Collaboration commemorates Katrin's passing away with numerous responses. Everyone is deeply moved and sad for what we have lost: A wonderful character, a warm friendship, an outstanding colleague and a prime mover of the Brighton Collaboration. We are pleased to share a few of the many messages that arrived us and would like to thank everyone who expressed and shared its compassion with us. 

With great regret we remember Katrin

Tom Jefferson

I first met Katrin when we were setting up the Collaboration, towards late 1999. Bob had introduced her to us old fuddy duddies with her young long-haired colleague Jan Bonhoeffer. Katrin was an eager and interested young physician who swiftly grasped the significance of heterogeneous harms definitions used in formal studies of vaccines.

Katrin was passionate, enthusiastic and very diligent. I wish her well in her current journey and extend my sympathies to her family.

Ulrich Heininger

The Brighton Collaboration community is very grateful for Katrin's outstanding contributions in the early years of its existence, in getting and keeping the ball rolling. I will deeply miss her kindness, wisdom and friendship - she was amongst the happiest persons I ever knew.

Sonali Kochhar

This is terribly sad news!! It is a tragic thought to lose someone as kind, intelligent, full of life and committed as Katrin. Her contributions to vaccine development and safety are tremendous. Please share my best wishes with her family.

Najwa Khuri

I am very deeply saddened by the news which come as a very great surprise and shock to me having met her only a few months back and she appeared very well. As one of the very "old" Brightonians I came to know Katrin and the team very well when we were a small group and each one knew the other very well and in fact shared with her the Science Board in the early days when Brighton was still a small group of enthusiasts and Katrin played a very major role in making along with Jan Brighton what it is today. [...] She was loved by all those who knew her and we all remember her as a bright, hardworking, very kind and very competent colleague. It is a great loss.

Dharmesh Lal

Saddened to know the demise of Dr Katrin Kohl. She was one of the pillars of Vaccine Safety her loss is going to be felt by all of us for long long time. May God give strength to her family to bear this tragic loss.

Adwoa Desma

I remember so well Katrin’s smiling face (ALWAYS), and her passion for vaccine safety and immunization. Hearing her voice so clearly in conversation even now though our paths have not crossed for a while. Her significant contributions in building the work of the BC and indeed helping to address those early gaps in our collective understanding about vaccine safety and confidence in dealing with them will be part of her legacy. Gone too soon!! May her soul rest in peace. [...]

Viola Schultze

I greatly appreciate Katrin's contribution to the scientific development of safe vaccines, although I got to know her personally only through the social networks. I wish to express my deep sorrow and please give my cordial condolences to the BC colleagues and primarily to Katrin's family.

Lakshmi Katikaneni

Very sad to hear the sudden demise of Dr. Katrina Kohl. My prayers are with her family and friends. She was the first person I corresponded with when I joined Brighton Collaboration in 2002.

Joan Marcy

As a fond Remembrance of this exceptional woman, please allow a voice from the past to comment on the recent and tragic loss of Katrin.
Katrin, Gene and the children, were not only dear and respected friends to my late husband, Michael, but Katrin held a special place in Michael’s regard as a professional and colleague whom he greatly appreciated and held in high esteem.
For me, I was privileged to occasionally “tag along” on trips to Atlanta and enjoy the benefit of being welcomed by Katrin and her delightful family, both in their home as well as favorite local dining spots they enjoyed.  One year, it even included a special birthday party thrown for Michael.  It was always time spent with invigorating conversation, laughter and personal sharing.
Another side of Katrin that perhaps no one ever knew of was her exceptional empathy and good heart in writing me every September 5th, since Michael’s death in 2014, to offer me her love, emotional support and share memories and stories of different times she remembered in the years she had known and worked with Michael.  The most recent last year, sent while she was in England, was a story I never knew before when she and Gene apparently let Michael help name their new pet poodle “Descartes” (Deca) … this is how special the relationship was … how often would you let a non-family member name your new puppy?
These continuing communications and occasional phone calls from Katrin every year have meant everything to me and have always touched me profoundly.  I will deeply miss her long-distance kindness and support, and will treasure these shared memories.
My heartfelt Condolences to Katrin’s Family, Friends and Colleagues … she will be greatly missed by us all.
With a heavy heart, Joan Marcy and Family