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Virtual Institute ACADEMY

Everything the Virtual Institute ACADEMY stands for is to provide a unique IT-environment that helps you to quickly find tools, project overviews and a well-assorted library for the overall output that is generated every day within the field of vaccine safety worldwide.
Besides the ABC Tool, CAFE and the Journal Club, our Virtual Institute ACADEMY offers you a variety of standardised, widely disseminated and globally accepted case definitions, guidelines, protocols, data collection forms and study result papers. 

Find a list of PDFs available for download on our ACADEMY below.

Case Definitions

Find here an overview of Case Definitions available in our Virtual Institute ACADEMY:

A-Local Reaction (EN)

Abscess (EN, FR, PT, ZH)

Anaphylaxis (EN, ZH)

Aseptic Meningitis (EN, FR, PT, ZH)

Cellulitis (EN, FR, PT, ZH)

Congenital Anomalies (EN)

Diarrhea (EN)

Eczema Vaccinatum (EN, ZH)

Encephalitis Myelitis (EN, FR, PT, ZH)

Fatigue (EN, ZH)

Fever (EN, FR, ES, ZH)

Generalized Vaccinia (EN)

Guillain Barré Syndrome (EN)

Hypotonic Hyporesponsive Episode (EN, FR, ES, PT, ZH)

Hypertensive Disorders (EN)

Inadvertent Inoculation (EN)

Induration (EN)

Intussusception (EN, FR, ES)

Maternal Death (EN)

Narcolepsy (EN)

Neonatal Death (EN)

Neonatal Infections (EN)

Nodule (EN, FR, ES)

Non-reassuring Fetal Status (EN)

Pain (EN)

Pathways to Preterm Birth (EN)

Persistent Crying (EN, FR, ES, ZH)

Postpartum Haemorrhage (EN)

Preterm Birth (EN)

Progressive Vaccinia (EN)

Rash (EN, ZH)

Robust Take (EN)

Seizure (EN, FR, ES, ZH)

Stillbirth (EN)

Swelling (EN, ZH)

Thrombocytopenia (EN, ZH)

Unexplained Infant Death (EN, ZH)

Viscerotropic Disease (EN)

Other Downloads

Find here an overview of PDF files available in our Virtual Institute ACADEMY:

Data Collection Form - Intussusception (EN)

Data Collection Form - Seizure (EN)

Data Collection Form - Viscerotropic Disease (EN)

Guidelines - Case-based Causality Assessment Algorithm (EN)

Guidelines - Clinical Studies (EN, PT)

Guidelines - Surveillance (EN, FR, PT)

Guidelines - WHO Causality Assessment (EN)

Mini Protocol - Case Control Study (EN)

Mini Protocol - Cohort Study (EN)

Mini Protocol - Self-controlled Case Series (EN)

Template Protocol for Clinical Trials (EN) well as selected Brighton Collaboration Evaluation Studies and Vaccine Safety Studies.

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