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Clinical Advisory Forum of Experts (CAFE)

The Clinical Advisory Forum of Experts (CAFE) is a mailing list and an online forum with the aim to share AEFI (adverse events following immunisation) and related vaccine safety questions and to discuss their management. 
All CAFE participants are partners of the Brighton Collaboration. There are currently more than 600 registered professionals concerned with vaccine safety in five continents. All contributions to CAFE are moderated by experts in the field to ensure exchange on a scientific/clinical level.

Registered partners can contribute to CAFE by sending an email to

By replying to the initial email, partners can share their contribution.

The moderator will oversee the discussion and can close it once a logical conclusion has been reached.

Access as Partner

As a partner, you are able to initiate and contribute to discussions in CAFE. You will automatically be added to the mailing list and receive alerts when a discussion is active.


By applying to the Virtual Institute ACADEMY, you automatically become a partner with equal access to the CAFE mailing list. Additionally, you will be able to access the CAFE discussion forum where you can see all current and previous discussions.

CAFE Netiquette

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