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One community, over 5000 individuals with the same aim: Vaccine Safety.

Our Vision: Safe Vaccines 
Safest, most effective vaccines based on rigorous science. 

Our Mission: Quality Data 
Enhance the science of vaccine research, by providing standardised, validated and objective methods for monitoring safety profiles and benefit to risk ratios of vaccines.

Our Strategy: Global Collaboration 
Bring together committed stakeholders, protect scientific independence, facilitate knowledge transfer across different sectors, locations and profession and support vaccine safety experts. 

The success of vaccines brings the responsibility to ensure that immunisations remain as safe as possible, particularly since they are given to healthy individuals. Vaccines are now distributed faster and to wider populations than ever before. Reliable safety information must be available rapidly on a similar scale so that vaccine recipients and decision makers can evaluate vaccine benefits and risks accurately. We are committed to address this need. We improve health through vaccine safety and rigorous science. 

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