Dear Brighton Collaboration Member

We are happy to announce that our Virtual Institute ACADEMY is now open!

With today’s flood of data, the Virtual Institute ACADEMY provides structured and well-presented information and tools. Easy access, well-organised archives, traceable chats and secure links - that’s what ACADEMY stands for. Our aim: One place where you can easily find the latest input and tools that suit your daily work.

The success of our Virtual Institute ACADEMY depends crucially on solidary contributions. The contribution system has been designed so that those who pay the contribution fee support those who might not have the financial means to do so. By paying your contribution you might give someone else the chance to work with the Brighton Collaboration ACADEMY.

Are you interested and would like to know more about the ACADEMY and respective contribution fee rates?

We are very much looking forward to using our new website and working together with you!

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If you are not an academy member yet. Please fill out the application form or contact us by email